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What is eyos connect?

eyos connect assists merchants just like you to securely and automatically, maximize the returns from your transaction data, enjoy funded promos from brands, leverage insights and predictive reports for increased business performance, and happy returning customers.

Why join eyos connect?

We help independent retailers like you to grow your business and gain a competitive edge through direct support and funded brand promotions. Our secure, easy-to-use digital retail analytics solution ensures you are utilizing your store data for maximum benefit to your business and customers.

Man records tracks inventory of boxes on store shelf.

In-store insights

Dive deeper into your data – transaction, customer, or store-level data – to make better decisions, enhance your customer interactions and business performance.

Simplify decision-making with AI-powered insights.

Benchmark your store against the market standard.

Identify opportunities and avoid pitfalls proactively.

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Brand-funded Promotions

Establish a direct connection with brands to get the right backing for your store promotion plans. Increase your sales and delight your customers at no extra cost.

Push promotions funded by brands, with promo payments made fortnightly.

Seamlessly integrate with any Windows POS program within minutes.

Get started with absolutely no investment and no IT involvement.

Man uses POS software in Thailand to input sales data.

Secure and trustworthy

Leave data security concerns behind with our transparent and secure processes that ensure only our trusted, partnered brands get access to the data relevant to them.

Remain care-free with end-to-end encryption and security compliance.

Stay abreast of the data that leaves your store - only transaction data.

Be assured that only trusted brands, and no other third parties, get access to your data.

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Our Partners

Join us today and be part of our growing retail network, giving you access to promotions and marketing support from global brands, among other benefits.

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Ready to join the eyos connect network?

Join us today and be part of our growing retail network, giving you access to promotions and marketing support from global brands, among other benefits.


Why should I join?

Retail is evolving. Stores that do not use data to make informed decisions and drive sales or manage inventory will fall behind. With eyos connect, you can offer unique promotions to your shoppers and use your data to make informed decisions that grow your sales.

How does it work?

We will install software to your windows-based POS system that securely captures only transaction/receipt data, and transmits promotions details to your storefront via cloud-based technology. No further work is required from your side.

If you don’t have a POS or have a non-Windows-based POS software, please reach out to us to learn how you can join us.

How much does it cost?

The program is entirely free for shops. Our growing network of brands will sponsor the program for you.

How will this add value to my customers?

Promotions will be sent directly to your POS system in Thailand via our software. Shoppers will benefit from promotions like discounted prices and you will be able to claim back the promotion cost through our app. The promo payments are made fortnightly.

What do I have to do?

Business as usual! Ensure you are using your POS software in Thailand for all your transactions so that you don’t miss any promotions and so that we can share back accurate sales insights to help you grow your sales.

Is my data secure?

We never share your data with government authorities, any of your competitors or any other third parties. Sales data is stored securely and used to create reports. Trusted brands will receive these reports on national sales performance, which can help you increase your sales and avoid issues like out of stock items.

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